FB ‘guess who’ round 1

In 2013 I want some more communication with my fans and followers. So on my facebook page I hold contests. At the moment it’s the simple ‘guess who‘ kind of contest. Guess who it is and receive a free sketch of choice. That one will be used for the next round. That way it keeps going. The winner will get the choice to get the sketch for real. I will ask for transport costs. The rest is free offcourse. If you want to enter then just follow my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/noangelhonestly

The finished version:

The first picture:

With a small 3 hours left, Tracy guessed it right! A huge congratz her way!! I’m curious who she’ll pick!


Present Delight

How happy were you with your presents? Some people real or fictional are just delighted when receiving something. Especially if it’s something related to a hobby or something you love. Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist would be thrilled to receive a wrench or some kind of tool right? So she became the inspiration for this one:

WIP Present Delight

Now it is not finished yet. I’m still not happy with the eyes and the background. Thinking of adding some highlights maybe. What do you think?

I used regular sketching paper because it started as a sketch with a graphite pencil. But then I added the colour with those water colour pencils. To blend it a bit I used a brush and some water. It looks wethered and I like it. Almost like an old photo that has seen many times with greesy hands and lots of sunlight fading the details. But the tool looks off. Just realised that the way she holds it now, it looks bended. Not sure if it’s even useable then..

Any thoughts? I would appreciate some feedback here..

Phantom ~ Requiem for the phantom

Who saw that anime? It’s a great show and I absolutely recommend it. Specially if you like a show with some depth. And girls with big guns 😉

Wikipedia info

Anyway I made a quick fanart of Ein and Zwei. It’s as usual in ballpoint. This time it’s again in orange. I’m slowly growing fond of that colour. Tried a combination  of my usual shading style and cross hatching. Not sure if I like it asctually. Or maybe it’s the orange..  Not sure if it fits them though. But then nothing is black and white. The show really portraits that..

Sorry  the quality isn’t that good and I have some smuches. The clouds disappeared too.. Oh well, enjoy!

Kid Portrait

Finished this one last friday.  So it’s kind of late to post it here, but it’s been suprissingly busy here lately. Tell me what do you think of it?


Used a charcoal pencil and a sepia one. Blended it a bit here and there. Personally I think it has a more gothic feeling to it. Though with a subject like this it might be easy, right?  For those who don’t know him: Death the Kid from Soul Eater by Atsushi Okubo.  So yes it’s another fanart.. But since I’m experimenting with media, it might be wise to stick to a style that I’m used too, just to prevent complete disaster..


The title said it all. 😀 I’m stuck with my first big digital project. It’s a fanart of my character in Jade Dynasty. It’s a free MMORPG. I recommend it to all who like the eastern mythology (mostly Chinese) and beautiful scenary. For more info on the game go to the official site: Jade Dynasty

So this is Mikichan my balo. At the moment she is 139 ascended, so she wears a different gear set. But it’s still her of mine favourite mount: Rising Glory. Basically it’s a flaming horse with horns and armor. I wanted to add my favourite pet too. Taiga is a grade 18 flower cloud tiger. I left it white. Maybe I’ll change it later

So what am I stuck on? Well I wanted to create a black and white piece fully drawn on the tablet. But I’m not sure on how to highlight and such.. So ideas are much appreciated!

Air Gear: Pencil Trick

Another pencil drawing pencil.. 😀

It’s not comepletely finish, as I can not find my kneedable eraser. Otherwise I could have touched it up and posted it here yesterday and on deviantart too.

The idea was to practice some real manga style, some different materials and the use of mechanical pencils. I really loved that manga so it’s a quick choice. I removed the air gear logo and all to get a better feel of Simca. My god I loved drawing latex and that collar :blushes:

This song just kept playing in my head while drawing: [link]

Medium: Mechanical pencil
Paper: normal A4 drawing paper
Time: Now and then a bit for the last few months
Subject: Simca the Swallow from the Air Gear manga by Ito “Oh Great” Ōgure.
Reference: the cover art of the 23rd chapter ([link])

I also recommend this manga and anime. I really enjoyed it, not just the more unusual action with those air trecks (kinda like inline skates) but the story as well. Cute and funny moments in between the battles make a good contrast so you don’t get bored and it creates more depth in the characters..

Story: (source wikipedia)

A new fad by the name of ‘Air Treks’ (a futuristic evolution of aggressive skating) has swept the nation’s youth and all over gangs are being formed that compete in various events using their A-T’s. Ikki is a middle-school boy who is the toughest street-fighting punk on the east side of town, on top of that he lives with 4 gorgeous sisters that took him in when he was a kid. But what Ikki doesn’t know is that the girls are part of one of the most infamous A-T gangs, ‘Sleeping Forest’. It doesn’t take long before Ikki finds out about the world of Air Trecks and is propelled into a fate he had not foreseen.

It’s been a fun projects, but I’m getting tired of anime and manga fanart. Time for something different..