About NaH

Who or what is NoAngelHonestly?

Basically it is a nickname. It came to be more then 10 years ago and it stuck. At first it was just my cyber alter ego if you will. I used the nickname in many games and communities, but as of late it’s just for my creative side. That’s the name under which I publish online everything I create.

Where did it came from?

Well it’s silly. Atleast in my opinion. It is the combination of the album ‘No Angel’ by Dido and the song title ‘Honestly’. At that time I was hooked on that song. After a while I decide to keep the nickname after so many told me, that it really described me.

Favorite things?

That’s a broad range for a question. Well when it comes to food I really love fruits, sushi and chocolate. My drinks are preferebly caffinated 😉 though a nice cup of tea always feels good. Guess my favorite animals are tigers but I love all animals though I’m not huge on insects and spiders. I adore dragons and all things fantasy as since childhood. My apartment is full with dragons and boeddhas for some reason. And flowers. The real deal I mean. No plastic flowers or pillows with flowers on them.  My music taste is wide ranged from metal and rock to anime OST, J-pop and K-pop. You probably guessed it by now, anime, manga, drama shows and fantasy series are the good things on tv in my opinion. Though I love a good nature documentary or history related shows. The same applies to books. I got tons of books. I just love the smell of it. And the feeling PLUS it’s better to hit someone with a book then with an e-reader. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of my e-reader but it doesn’t compare to real deal.


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