Summer Grace

Bad scan of a quick sketch. I wonder why so much details got lost and the colours seem off. Normally I wouldn’t post it here, but I didn’t post my previous one. It’s r-rated, well I think it is and a birthday gift. Those of you who want to see it, please visit my deviant..

I’ll try to post something decent soon!


Phantom ~ Requiem for the phantom

Who saw that anime? It’s a great show and I absolutely recommend it. Specially if you like a show with some depth. And girls with big guns 😉

Wikipedia info

Anyway I made a quick fanart of Ein and Zwei. It’s as usual in ballpoint. This time it’s again in orange. I’m slowly growing fond of that colour. Tried a combination  of my usual shading style and cross hatching. Not sure if I like it asctually. Or maybe it’s the orange..  Not sure if it fits them though. But then nothing is black and white. The show really portraits that..

Sorry  the quality isn’t that good and I have some smuches. The clouds disappeared too.. Oh well, enjoy!