Hey everyone,

how’s the weather there? It’s sunny and warm here, just as I like it.But indoors it’s too hot. The sweat prevents me from holding a pencil or pen decently. Maybe I should buy a little fan to put on my desk. Oh well if it cools down a bit later, I’ll try to put those ideas on paper again.

On a different note, I went to see some kittens yesterday. I want a little cat again. But they all are so cute! It’s still too early to take one home. Otherwise I might have posted some pictures. Also went to see a movie for my nephew his 10th birthday. It wasn’t my thing, but it’s always fun to do things with family..

How are you spending this sunday?



Nr. 45 New Art Medium

Hey everyone,

last friday I did something new. It’s called shadow painting on paper. More information on the paint and method can be found here: Lalinea Shadowpainting website. It actually is very fun to do, but not so easy. Specially the liner. At my first try I came with this:

Somehow it feels a bit Christmas. Maybe because of my mood I do not know. Normally those flowers are a soft pink and white, but somehow it turned out like this. I’m very new at this, so it is not that good. But I would appreciate all feedback, comments and critiques!!

Size is approx. 21 cm x 15 cm.

Last time I annonced that I wanted to do a 100 theme challenge. Well I never said that I would do it in order :p So here is  number 45. Please enjoyed!

Till next time,


Air Gear: Pencil Trick

Another pencil drawing pencil.. 😀

It’s not comepletely finish, as I can not find my kneedable eraser. Otherwise I could have touched it up and posted it here yesterday and on deviantart too.

The idea was to practice some real manga style, some different materials and the use of mechanical pencils. I really loved that manga so it’s a quick choice. I removed the air gear logo and all to get a better feel of Simca. My god I loved drawing latex and that collar :blushes:

This song just kept playing in my head while drawing: [link]

Medium: Mechanical pencil
Paper: normal A4 drawing paper
Time: Now and then a bit for the last few months
Subject: Simca the Swallow from the Air Gear manga by Ito “Oh Great” Ōgure.
Reference: the cover art of the 23rd chapter ([link])

I also recommend this manga and anime. I really enjoyed it, not just the more unusual action with those air trecks (kinda like inline skates) but the story as well. Cute and funny moments in between the battles make a good contrast so you don’t get bored and it creates more depth in the characters..

Story: (source wikipedia)

A new fad by the name of ‘Air Treks’ (a futuristic evolution of aggressive skating) has swept the nation’s youth and all over gangs are being formed that compete in various events using their A-T’s. Ikki is a middle-school boy who is the toughest street-fighting punk on the east side of town, on top of that he lives with 4 gorgeous sisters that took him in when he was a kid. But what Ikki doesn’t know is that the girls are part of one of the most infamous A-T gangs, ‘Sleeping Forest’. It doesn’t take long before Ikki finds out about the world of Air Trecks and is propelled into a fate he had not foreseen.

It’s been a fun projects, but I’m getting tired of anime and manga fanart. Time for something different..


100 theme challenge list

Hey everyone,

thought I would challenge myself to broaden my style and subjects. So I figured a “100 theme challenge” would be a great way. Basically it’s a list with 100 themes and each drawing should be in one of those themes. I noticed several different lists out there. I choice this one:

1. Blink
2. Wedding
3. Fantasy
4. Lock and Key
5. Heart
6. Poison
7. Fairy
8. Panties
9. Stitch
10. Manga/Comic Strip
11. Dragon
12. Mario
13. Edgar Allen Poe
14. Mask
15. Sword
16. Web
17. Vampire
18. Zodiac
19. Bones
20. Phoenix
21. Deviantart
22. Eygptian
23. Anthro
24. Cosplay
25. Chains
26. Action
27. Chibi
28. After A Battle
29. Art Trade
30. Original Character
31. Realistic
32. Moonlight
33. Holiday
34. One Shape
35. Fruit
36. Midnight
37. Elf
38. Pageviews
39. Henshin (Transformation)
40. Fear
41. Under Water
42. Future
43. Mascot
44. Wings
45. New Art Medium
46. During A Battle
47. Vortex
48. Progress
49. Upside Down
50. Unseen
51. Flag
52. Princess
53. Prince
54. King
55. Queen
56. Sharp
57. Fading
58. No Color
59. Censored
60. East Meets West
61. Hologram
62. Tattoo
63. Dirt
64. Dinosaur
65. What If….
66. Portal
67. Lace
68. Envy
69. Study
70. End of the World
71. Graffiti
72. Silhouette
73. Robot
74. Tutorial
75. Death
76. Movie
77. Bird
78. Fun
79. Teeth
80. Jewelry
81. Anniversary
82. Fav TV Show
83. Chaos
84. Fashion
85. Wood
86. 86
87. Circle
88. Bunny
89. Ice Cream
90. Goth
91. Scar
92. Redesign
93. Fast
94. Stamp
95. Sparkle
96. X
97. ID
98. Buttons
99. Space
100. Rocket

Davidjes seems to be the creator. Feel free to check out his gallery. I’m sure he would appreciate that!

As I finish themes, I post them here. That way you all can follow my progress. I’m afraid it will take ages to complete the list though.. So wish me luck 😉

Blue Stigmata

Hey everyone,

I’m so glad that I finally finished something. It’s been a while since I posted a  piece that wasn’t a quick sketch. I finished a teaser from last year. I had several things that I had started, but I didn’t knew which to finish first. One of them was this:

Teaser 3

Most lines were already there and the hair was mostly finished too. But somehow I got carried away. I just kept adding colours and effects. Not sure if I like it. It still doesn’t feel totally finished yet. But then one can’t just keep at it. I wonder what I could add or improve. Feel free to suggest something. This is version posted on my deviantart. Feel free to check it out there too!

blue stigmata

Medium: Normal blue ballpoint, light blue gelpen in his hair, dark blue pencil for the black iron scyth, light grey pencil for darkening the shades on his skin, light and dark blue Copic marker for the effect.
Paper: A sketch paper, little smaller then A4
Time: Now and then a bit for the last few months
Subject:Aleksandr “Sasha” Nikolaevich Hell (my god isn’t that a kewl name?) from “The qwaser of Stigmata” manga (or “Seikon no Qwaser” anime) series authored by Hiroyuki Yoshino and featuring art by Kenetsu Satō.
Reference: a wallpaper of sasha and his scythe, added the effects to it but not sure if they are okay ^^;

I do recommend this ongoing manga. It is ecchi, which can annoy sometimes, but overal it’s nice. Some romance, some drama, kewl and voilent action and off course some funny situations. There’s an anime version too which is heavily censored compared to the manga.

Story: (source: wikipedia)

The story chronicles the school lives of Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe at the Japanese Eastern Orthodox school St. Mihailov Academy where they have endured persecution and ostracization from the other students led by the daughter of the current dean Miyuri Tsujidou and her second-in-command Hana Katsuragi. Mafuyu and Tomo’s lives take a drastic turn when they nurse the silver-haired Russian-born Aleksander “Sasha” Nikolaevich Hell back to health upon encountering him unconscious during their home commute one day. Almost immediately, Sasha begins to repay Mafuyu and Tomo’s humanitarianism as he repels their tormentors; unfortunately, this does not change Sasha’s prologue as a throw-away Qwaser from the Adepts and that the Adepts have no qualms about making an absolute war zone of the Academy in order to acquire the Theotokos of Tsarytsin from Athos who wishes to keep the icon’s existence a secret from the world.

Well that’s about it. Don’t think I can tell much more about it. Feel free to leave your 2 cents on the drawing or even the serie below. Thanks for looking and till later,


First steps

Hey everyone,

this is my first blogpost here as you can see. I’m trying to connect everything too. With everything I mean the other social media that I use. Let’s see if it works out 😉

So far my facebook fanpage is linked, just as twitter. On the right side you find them. I added a short ‘about’ section. Feel free to make suggestions. Also I added a small selection of my drawings. Do you think those 9 are enough? Off course you’ll find all of them on deviantart and often on Facebook too..

Till later,